Roaches found in cooler at Indian restaurant; rodent droppings at a Gainesville fish joint

Restaurant Report Card

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – In this week's Restaurant Report Card, state inspectors found roaches inside a cooler at a popular Indian buffet on the Southside.  Also, rodent droppings were found in a Gainesville seafood restaurant.

BJ's Seafood Hook-up on Williston Road in Gainesville was cited with four high-priority violations. The inspector found 15-20 dry rodent droppings behind the air handler and refrigerator across from the microwaves. They were also using buckets from Lowe's to hold sauce, which is a major violation because it's not a sanitary food storage container.

There was a closure last week at Flavors Essence of India on Baymeadows Road.
The inspector wrote he found ten live roaches inside the cooler door where food was located. There were roach eggs in that same location. 

News4Jax talked with the owner about the roach problem, he said he had no idea the bugs were there.  He said they do pest control once a month and they now have the problem under control.  The inspector came back the next and opened Flavors Essence of India back up.

Sake House on Riverplace Boulevard had four high-priority violations in its latest inspection.  They had to throw out tempura batter because the chef couldn't prove how long it had been sitting out. There was also raw shrimp stored over cut oranges in a cooler.  Most of these and other violations were corrected right on site.

The Hilton Garden Inn on Kings Avenue had two inspections in just two days.  They had to throw out a bunch of food because it was checked at a dangerous temperature.  Steak, bacon, cheese and soup are just some of the items that had to be thrown away.

The inspector wrote that the refrigerator was incapable of holding the proper temperature.  The next day the inspector returned and the unit was fixed and there were no high-priority violations.

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