Spoiled food, safety hazards found in day care inspections


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Expired food, supervision issues and safety hazards are just a few problems counselors found in some local day cares during recent inspections.

Out of 37 day cares, nine received violations from the Department of Children and Families.

A Gift From God Child Development Center on the Westside received 11 violations during its last inspection. According to DCF, the day care, which is on Cassat Avenue, had a microwave in the kitchen that was missing the outer door, and the owner was told to throw it away. When the counselors got to the refrigerator, they found several milk cartons expired by more than two weeks. The owner tossed the milk during the inspection.

Out on the playground, inspectors found that the tunnel and slide were not securely anchored to the ground and that the fall zone underneath the playground equipment was not maintained.

A Gift From God Child Development Center was also cited for several expired health exams and shot records.

News4Jax went by the facility and called personnel for comment, but no one has responded yet.

Reid's Educational Child Care Center on the Northside received nine violations during its last inspection. Counselors found several issues inside the facility on Biscayne Boulevard, including a broken outlet, exposed screws in the bathroom, a broken crib, and an air conditioning unit that was leaking into the hallway.

The report said that there was no toilet paper inside the bathrooms and soap was found in only one of the bathrooms. The owner did not have those items at the facility at the time of the inspection, but counselors said the bathrooms were replenished with toilet paper and soap during the follow-up inspection.

The owner, Nickesha Reid, said she did not want to comment about the violations.
DCF said both day cares met up with counselors for a follow-up and their violations were corrected.

Other day cares with recent violations include:

  • Monument Christian Academy on Mayport Road in Atlantic Beach: 2 record-keeping violations for missing or out-of-date health and immunization records
  • Braxton's Academy on Normandy Boulevard: 2 health requirement violations for not having staff members on site who were first aid and CPR certified 
  • The Seaside Playgarden Preschool Inc. on 8th Avenue South in Jacksonville Beach: 1 training violation and 1 record-keeping violation for having untrained employees and out-of-date paperwork
  • Step by Step Learning Center on Citrona Drive in Fernandina Beach: 1 record-keeping violation for out-of-date background screening paperwork 
  • Lighthouse Christian Preschool Inc. on 12th Avenue North in Jacksonville Beach: 1 violation for not having a fire extinguisher with a current certificate
  • Challenge Enterprises Lighthouse Learning Center on Kingsley Avenue in Orange Park: 1 training violation for lack of early literacy and language development training for employees
  • The Corporate Kids Inc. on Lone Star Road: 1 record-keeping violation for having out-of-date background screening paperwork

Day cares that were fully compliant during their recent inspections were:

  • Young Kids in Motion Learning Academy II on Smith Street
  • Andromeda Preschool on Suzanne Avenue
  • La Petite Academy Inc on St. Johns Bluff Road
  • Gingerbread House Learning Center Inc. on Chester Avenue
  • The Learning Experience on Southside Boulevard
  • Kingdom Kids at Crossroad Inc. on Gate Parkway North
  • CUCIOM Little Disciples on North Laura Street
  • Kings and Queens Child Care Learning Center on Plateau Street
  • Smittys Learning Center on Hilsdale Road
  • Avondale Child's Day Out on Talbot Avenue
  • Around the Clock Kid Care and Preschool on Southside Boulevard
  • Parsons Little Scholars Creative Child Care on Fort Caroline Road
  • Parson's Christian Academy on Fort Caroline Road
  • Bethlehem Lutheran Preschool on Palm Circle in Jacksonville Beach
  • The Cambridge Prep School on Abess Boulevard
  • Circle of Love Daycare and Learning Center Corp on West 45th Street
  • Hogan Lane Day Care Inc. on Hogan Cove Drive
  • Future Steps Learning Center on Moncrief Road West
  • Austin Christian Academy on North Main Street
  • Lakewood Presbyterian Church Preschool on University Boulevard West
  • The Learning Experience River City on Wolf Bay Drive
  • T's Learning Center II on Beach Boulevard
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Precious Lambs Preschool on Argyle Forest Boulevard
  • Learning Ladders Preschool on San Jose Boulevard
  • Fernandina Beach Recreation Department on Atlantic Avenue in Fernandina Beach
  • Tippee Toez Academy on Plymouth Street
  • The Beaches School on Florida Boulevard in Neptune Beach
  • Young World Child Care Inc. on Edgewood Avenue

Each week, News4Jax will review reports provided by DCF. To report concerns or complaints about a child care facility, call 904-485-9564.

You can also go to http://www.myflfamilies.com/service-programs/child-care/parent-resources and select "Provider Search" to search for any local child care facility.