52nd annual Shrimp Festival a family affair

Festival runs through Sunday night

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – The first night of the 52nd annual Shrimp Festival came to a close Friday night in Fernandina Beach as residents took advantage of the great weather to enjoy some great seafood.

For many Shrimp Festival goers the night was all about art, food and performances but one food vendor said the festival isn't just about shrimp, but about so much more.

For the Faith Christian Academy the festival is a chance to make money for mission trips and school budgets so they can continue giving back to the community but with that, comes lots of preparation.

"There's a lot of details in all of this so we just learned by failing forward," Bryan Alvare, an administrator with the academy, said.

But failing doesn't really describe what the academy is doing at the festival. The non-profit tested the waters when they became vendors at the festival eight years ago and now they're the top grossing food booth at the festival.

"Everybody in (our booth) is invested," Alvare said. "Eleven of my own family members are here. My wife is here running the expediting line and then my daughters over here taking orders and my son is also taking orders."

The festival continues to run through Sunday