Rash of break-ins hits Orange Park police chief, too


ORANGE PARK, Fla. – A rash of car break-ins in the gated Pace Island subdivision of Flemming Island has shook residents and even affected the Orange Park police chief.

The subdivision is a large gated community near U.S. 17, and Chief Gary Goble happens to live there. His wife's car was one of four hit in the subdivision.

A computer was taken from Goble's wife's car, and other residents lost things like gift cards and cash taken.

After his wife's car was broken into, and to help with the investigations into the cars that were hit, Goble put out an alert on the Orange Park Police Department's Facebook page.

"I thought it was good idea to put it on Facebook because we apparently, we have some followers in the neighborhood who have commented on the break-ins and I've wanted them to be aware," Goble said.

Anyone with information about this latest round of thefts is asked to call the Clay County Sheriff's Office at 904-264-6512.

Goble also said that there was nothing sensitive in regards to his police work that was stolen from his wife's car.

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