Sailor's wife gets homecoming surprise

Surprise comes during group baby shower for military-moms-to-be at The Players


PONTE VEDRA, Fla. – Erica Scott got a nice surprise Tuesday along with a lot of other Navy wives as The Players Championship and Birdies for the Brave hosted a group baby shower for 40 military moms-to-be whose husbands are deployed.

But Scott wasn't prepared for the surprise she was about to get on this day.

Her husband Officer Charles Scott left for deployment aboard the USS Iwo Jima in December of last year and it was the last time he was able to see his wife and son after deploying.

He was scheduled to return in July but that was before a change of plans.

"They flew me off of the ship on April 20 and I got to Djibouti Africa about April 22," Charles Scott said. "From there I was in Djibouti for eight days. I left on the 30th and I got here to Jacksonville, Florida on the first."

Charles Scott had been in hiding until his wife, who thought she was being brought on stage for an honor, was honored by the thrilling surprise of her husband coming home early. Just in time for the birth of their second child.

"Oh my goodness. Like the best feeling ever," Erica Scott said. "My main concern was with him missing out on the birth of our second son because I know how excited he was with our first, so it's a great feeling."

"I'm thankful for my command. Kudos for my command they are awesome. They supported me 100 percent," Charles Scott said.

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