First look inside new State Attorney's offices

Prosecutors have moved into old Federal Courthouse building after 2-year delay

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Prosecutors with the State Attorney's Office have settled in nicely to their new offices in the old Federal Courthouse -- a move that was delayed more than two years and cost about $26 million.

State Attorney Angela Corey opened the doors of the new offices to News4Jax reporter Kent Justice, giving him a nostalgic tour of the 83-year-old building on Monroe Street West in Downtown.

"This was the Federal Courthouse, so defendants waiting to go to trial would actually wait right out in this hallway," Corey said. "I'd been in these courtrooms before, so it's amazing that this is where I work now."

Much of the old Federal Courthouse was preserved and enhanced as prosecutors' offices were renovated. Corey said that was done partly to save taxpayers' money.

"You see that all of the marble, the granite, the terrazzo floors are still intact," Corey pointed out.


The offices were scheduled to open at the same time as the new courthouse across the street, but concerns over cost and delays with the original contractors kept workers away until mid-March.

Corey said they've been "fully operational" in the building for about six weeks.

Also operational is the $800,000 walkway between the building and the new courthouse.

Proximity, Corey said, provides advantages over being across town.

"We did get the bridge, of course. We're very thrilled with that for the efficiency and safety aspects," Corey said. "It is an efficiency and a safety thing for our prosecutors and for law enforcement officers. I don't know that the public realizes that our police officers are in here every single day, filing cases, getting warrants, running over the bridge."

City Hall has not released a final figure on the cost of the move because some of the work remains to be done on the first floor and basement.

Viewers can see more on the new building and hear Corey's answers about crime and gangs in the area at 9 a.m. Sunday on This Week in Jacksonville. 

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