Scam artist tries to pull fast one on St. Marys Police Department


CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. – With constant reports of scams taking advantage of people flooding the news, it's important for consumers to stay aware and protect themselves.

Especially when the people perpetuating those scams don't care, or even know, exactly who they're trying to take advantage of.

That's exactly what happened when Lt. Shannon Brock of the St. Marys Police Department got a phone call from a "very special agent with the IRS."

The caller tried to tell Brock that his back taxes needed to be paid and that he would be arrested if he didn't pay them, but according to Brock, he was pretty sure he wasn't behind in his taxes.

In an effort to show the community that yes, criminals will try to scam anybody, even the police, Brock recorded his conversation with the scammer and even got to speak with "a President Obama."

Scam call to St. Marys Police Department