Crash victim remembered as 'gentle giant'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Charles Robert Campbell was on his way home from work as a security guard at World Golf Village when he was killed in a chain reaction accident that shut down Interstate 95 for eight hours, his family said.

Kathy Swindell, Campbell's sister, was able to contact authorities and let them know it was her 59-year-old brother's car that was involved in the accident.

"I have that Channel 4 app on my iPhone and it always flashes breaking news. And I looked at it and I saw the picture that your crew had taken and I knew that was my brother's car," she said.


After alerting authorities and continuing to check for official word that is was actually her brother, the man she called Bubba, Swindell got the heartbreaking news. 

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"When I heard the official, I just fell over and my husband wrapped me up and held me. Initially you always think what you could've done differently. How you could've spent more time together," Swindell said.

Campbell's family remembers him as a humorous, fun-loving, gentle giant.

"He was always fun-loving and cutting up. Playing with the kids. Sometimes I think he was the bigger kid," Swindell said.

Campbell spent several years in the military serving his country, but his biggest love was a home-cooked meal while surrounded by his family. Swindell, who describes herself as a Christian, said she only hopes her brother was at peace and offered some words of wisdom.

"Enjoy life, live it to the fullest, and always hug and love those that are closest to you and never take that for granted. Because you never know when they're going to leave," Swindell said.

Since Campbell did not have a wife or kids, the family is reaching out for help with burial costs. They have created a Go Fund me account

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