JEA buildings in need of major overhaul


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – JEA said its downtown buildings are aging and it will cost up to $51 million to modernize them over the next six years.

According to an audit, the Church Street buildings near Main Street were constructed in 1962. JEA bought the property in 1989.

DOCUMENT: JEA audit showing building update costs

The existing building systems are in need of major repair and renewal to conform with current standards and building codes, including updating frequently failing elevators, replacing an HVAC unit, modernizing lighting to be more energy efficient, replacing a fire protection system and improving the building to prevent flooding.

JEA is considering several options for repairing or replacing the JEA Tower and Customer Center.

Updating the existing buildings will cost $51 million, moving all of JEA's operations to the Tower would cost $40 million, moving all of the operations to the Customer Center would cost $38 million and demolishing and replacing the tower would cost nearly $44 million.