Thieves who stole cellphones at Walmart sought, deputies say

Woman distracts store clerk as 2 others steal cellphones

(Baker County Sheriff's Office)

MACCLENNY, Fla. – Deputies are asking for the public's help in finding the thieves who stole thousands of dollars worth of cellphones at a Walmart.

The theft happened around 7:30 a.m. Monday at the Walmart in Macclenny.

Inside the store, a woman distracted a store clerk in electronics by asking him to show her the laptops on an aisle out of view of the cash register area and the storage location for cellphones, according to the Baker County Sheriff's Office.

A man then went behind the counter and removed the door to the locked cabinet, deputies said.

Assisted by a second woman, they removed cellphones from the cabinet, placing them in two black travel bags also stolen from within the store, according to the Sheriff's Office.


The total loss was $18,937.76, deputies said.

Anyone who has information regarding the thieves or the car they were driving at the time (pictured, right) are asked to call the Baker County Sheriff's Office at 904-259-2221.