Elementary students make candy bags for cops


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One local elementary school decided to show its appreciation for police officers by giving them a sweet treat.


Students at Chimney Lakes Elementary School of Argyle Forest Boulevard on the Westside put together bags of candy that they dropped off at the police substation in Zone 2 for all police officers.

Attached to each bag of candy was a note titled "Survival Kit for Police," explaining the significance of each piece of candy included in the bag:

  • Lifesaver: to remind you of the many times you've been one
  • Starburst: for the burst of energy that you need
  • Payday: since you're not doing it for the money
  • Hersey Kisses: to show our love for you
  • Gum: to help everyone stick together
  • Tootsie Roll: you have to roll with the punches
  • Peppermint Patty: helping you keep your cool
  • Snickers: to help keep your humor
  • Mounds: for the mounds of courage you show