Documents: Sandalwood AD accused of changing test answers


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – News4Jax has obtained the findings of an investigation that looked into allegations against the now former athletic director of Sandalwood High School.

Carlyce Cononie abruptly resigned last week after working at the high school for more than 30 years.

News4Jax requested all information pertaining to Cononie's resignation and received dozens of pages from the school district that say Cononie was under investigation, accused of changing the answers on a test she gave to 87 students. The evidence included a video taken on a student's cellphone.

The district said Cononie administered "End of Course" exams for Aerobics and Fitness classes to 87 students in January. The district said on each of those tests, at least eight answers had been changed with 98 percent of them changed from wrong to right.

District investigators picked 16 students at random, and all said they hadn't changed that many answers on their test.

According to the report, when Cononie was asked about the allegations, she said she had made changes to one student's paper, who hadn't filled in their student number.

She also said she changed a portion of a student's demographic sheet and also changed several students tests to "dress out" so they could get more credit for the test.
She denied making any changes to answers.

One of the documents from the district is a notice of termination. The district said after its investigation it found that Cononie exercised poor judgment when she didn't follow testing protocols.