Brothers charged with attempted escape in Baker County

2 also charged with 8 residential burglaries around county


BAKER COUNTY, Fla. – Two brothers charged with a series of residential daytime burglaries in Baker County attempted to escape from custody, and one of them attacked a corrections officer, the Baker County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday.

Patrick Tucker and James Tucker were arrested May 14 and charged with eight residential burglaries. Four of them were considered armed burglaries, because guns were stolen. Deputies are still searching for a third man who they said was working the brothers.

When the brothers were being taken back from an appearance in front of a judge, Patrick Tucker put his handcuffs over the throat and neck of a corrections officer. Investigators believe the brothers thought the officer had a key, but the officer didn't. The officer was able to get the situation under control, and other deputies came for back up. The attack was caught on surveillance video.

Investigators believe the brothers signaled to each other to start the attack.

The escape attempt failed, and the brothers were also charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and attempted escape.

The brothers were originally arrested and charged with eight residential burglaries after witnesses gave deputies descriptions of a white Grand Marquis used in the burglaries. Deputies found the car and linked its owner, Patrick Tucker, to the crimes through pawn shop records, deputies said.

The burglaries began in March and involved the suspects using force to gain entry and then stealing guns, televisions, jewelry and electronics.

Deputies said four of the eight victims were state Department of Corrections employees. Deputies aren't sure if they were targeted for their guns.

Deputies responded to one burglary in March on Shelly Lane in Macclenny. TVs, a gaming system, a pistol and two shotguns were stolen. In April, a woman said jewelry worth more than $1,000 was stolen from her home.

On Friday, a deputy spotted the white Grand Marquis and found James Tucker inside.

When questioned about the burglaries James Tucker said, "I don't do that kinda stuff."

A woman in the car, Cheyanne Roseberry, was also interviewed and told deputies James Tucker was involved in the burglaries.

Deputies said he looked at her and said, "You rolled on me?"

She told deputies James Tucker "could bust down the door with one hit. However, it would take Patrick several times," according to the deputies' report.

Roseberry told deputies that the brothers and "Creek" would burglarize homes in the early morning hours. She said she saw several guns and TVs that were taken.

Deputies don't know who "Creek" is, but they're searching for him.

Deputies went to the brothers' Sanderson home and said they found firearms and jewelry.

They said the burglaries all happened between 8 a.m. and noon and that glass was shattered.

Although the brothers have been arrested, people in the neighborhoods are still being cautious.

"There's always other people that's going to take their place," Steve Hendrix said.

The Tuckers are scheduled to have a court appearance on Wednesday.