Florida woman launches American flag campaign

Flag of Freedom's Nation project has participants show patriotism


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Viral videos of people disrespecting the American flag have caused one patriotic Floridian to take action. A Panhandle woman is launching her stars and stripes campaign in the run up to Memorial Day.

Dawn Veit's campaign was featured nationally on cable news Wednesday morning, and Florida's Legislature passed a patriotic-themed bill this year.

State lawmakers passed a bill mandating state and local government flags be made in America.

A video from Valdosta State University, a Georgia school about 20 miles north of the state line, showed the arrest of a veteran trying to stop a protest.

The veteran was outraged after she saw people trampling the flag. She wasn't alone.

"Do you expect that in this country? It's just something I never expected," Veit said.

Veit, whose family has deep roots in the armed forces, was disgusted and now she's taking action. The Chipley, Florida, woman launched the Flag of Freedom's Nation project, where she has gone to local businesses and groups and asked them to take pictures showing their patriotism.

"The American flag has become a political sign and that's not what it's supposed to be," Veit said. "It represents all of us and our country, and more and more over the last few years it's become a way to show your political views and I think that's what bothers me most about it."

Veterans around the state were equally as outraged about the viral videos and they're hoping people remember the true meaning of this weekend's Memorial Day holiday.

Vietnam veteran Joe West, who runs a veterans' events organization in the capital city, said people who trample the flag aren't just walking on a piece of cloth.

"That same flag that they're walking on is the same flag we drape over our warriors who give their life to protect those freedoms," West said. "The disrespect that that shows all of the men and women who serve this country is intolerable."

Veit said that anyone can get involved in the project. All they have to do is snap their own photo with the flag and post it to social media.