Contact lenses to restore youthful look


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dr. Jim Lanier is no stranger to new products. Having your practice in the same city as the Acuvue manufacturing plant has it's advantages. He's one of the first to have the new, Define lens.

"Once people put this lens on they really like it," Dr. Lanier said. "It's been overwhelmingly popular with the people that actually put it on."

There are three versions of the Define lens; sparkle, shimmer and shine. Sparkle is a subtle, light color. Shimmer has a medium hue. Shine is much darker and more dramatic.

Dr. Lanier said, "Around the edge of the cornea it does fade. This lens covers that so people who don't notice that's happening. They put this lens on and now see that it is covered and it's a more normal color for them."

Dr Lanier suggests that no matter your eye color, you try all three versions to see which one looks best. That's what he had me do. Surprisingly, the medium shade lens looked the best. When I looked back at the video after we shot the story, I was surprised to see the side by side comparison. It almost looks like it lifts the left side of my face. Dr. Lanier says it doesn't look fake or too noticeable, which is what he likes so much.

"The response has been interesting. People look at you and they go, something is different. It's better and I'm not sure I can tell you what it is," Lanier said.

The Define lenses cost just a little more than normal disposable lenses. They will be available nationwide in July, but you can get them right now through Dr. Lanier's office and you do not need a prescription to wear them.