Restaurants cited with temperature violations, storage issues and flies in the kitchen

Restaurant Report Card


JACKSONVILLE, Fl – In this week's restaurant report card there were no closures but three restaurants did get our attention.  Temperature and storage violations and also flies were found in the kitchen.

Last week Indochine San Marco was cited with five high priority violations. There were several food items that were too warm, beef was stored in the freezer in open bags over open boxes of seafood, and small insects were in the bar area. The next day the inspector came back cleared Indochine.

Kickbacks Gastropub on King Street had two failing inspections after a customer complained. In the first inspection they found fruit flies in several areas in the kitchen.  They also found tomatoes, beef, chicken, egg and tuna salad anywhere from six to 20 degrees too warm. The inspector came back three days later and found the cooler could not keep the food at a safe temperature.  This prompted the inspection to come back for a third visit and Kickbacks eventually passed.

First Coast Deli and Grill on St. Augustine Road failed an inspection last week. There were several violations regarding temperature. One the inspector noted was a repeat violation.  He found tuna salad, sausage, tomatoes that were all checked at temperatures that were too warm to be considered safe. Also, warm potatoes had to be reheated because they were too cool.  Liquid eggs were stored over a case of tomatoes and that could potentially lead to contamination problems. The inspector did come back four days later and found zero violations.

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