After $26M overhaul, state attorney's roof leaks


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The State Attorney's Office only moved into an overhauled building across from the new Duval County Courthouse three months ago, and already the roof is already leaking.

The city of Jacksonville spent $26 million over the last several years to make over the  83-year-old former federal courthouse on Monroe Street West. Within weeks of moving in, employees on the fifth floor were reporting the roof and about 10 windows leaked when it rained.

Some of it is the city's responsibility, and some of it falls back on the contractor. No one yet knows how much the repairs will cost taxpayers.

The city's chief building inspector told News4Jax the leaks were not bad. For the most part, the problems on the roof have been fixed, although there are concerns about leaks on the pedestrian bridge connecting the office to the courthouse, and some windows are leaking.

There is another leak that's causing concern.

"We have one area where we are getting some water coming into the walls somewhere," said building inspector Tom Goldsbury. "We don't know exactly where that is, but we are working to get some pricing."

While the contractor is responsible for all problems with the new pedestrian bridge, repairs to the remodeled building could cost thousand dollars, and the city is on the hook for that bill.

"It's an old building that had some things that nobody knew were a problem," Goldsbury said.

The State Attorney's Office issued this statement:

"The leak did not damage furnishings or equipment. The City responded immediately when we noticed the leak and the City is now correcting the problem."

The offices will remain open while repairs are made.

City Council members are not happy that taxpayers will have to pay for repairs. 

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