College help for aspiring entrepreneur


For an entrepreneur, going to an expensive college or prestigious college may not be the most important thing. As your own boss, your resume won't be scrutinized.

Networking is crucial for an entrepreneur so build relationships with students, professors and advisors who one day could become partners or investors. And use your alumni network as potential contacts.

Be aware of your debt. College is expensive and having a lot of loans will only set you back. Create a limit for your debts and plan how to pay back your loans right away.

Don't focus solely on your grades; instead focus on your experiences. Put effort into extracurricular activities by starting an organization, being a leader or just getting involved. This will be great practice for the future.

Even when your college is on break, you shouldn't be. Use summers to intern or work with established entrepreneurs and continue to gain knowledge.

Also, contrary to popular belief you don't need to major in business as an entrepreneur. Instead choose a major you are passionate about, but also take classes that involve accounting, statistics, management, and even communications and journalism, which will all help you start your own business.