Crack on I-10 raises roadway safety concerns

One of many recent FDOT repairs


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – People headed home from work on I-10 Tuesday ran into a huge backup because of a hole that opened up in the road above a CSX rail line a few hundred yards east of I-10 and State Road 301 in the Baldwin area.

At 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, the Florida Highway Patrol said traffic had backed up for about 13 miles.

Tuesday's crack was another example of recent infrastructure problems that have popped up along roadways in Jacksonville.

From a Department of Transportation perspective, they're always monitoring and trying to keep up the roads as best they can. But from a political perspective, some local lawmakers want more funding for infrastructure.

The latest hole on I-10 comes after a hole formed in nearly the same location in April. The day before that there was a hole on I-95 along the Myrtle Street Bridge. In 2012 there was a hole on I-95 where the overland bridge project is ongoing.  

When asked about whether there's a problem with the roads that drivers should be worried about, the DOT said that they make sure to stay on top of any problems with Jacksonville's roadways.

"Naturally concrete ages. With rebar and steel inside concrete it's continually aging and rusting. So that's why we do inspections. We have increased inspections in the area. We do have people patrolling areas with our contracts," said Ron Tittle, with DOT.

Tittle said that as far as the hole in the Baldwin area is concerned, it wasn't a problem with the structure of the road and that the road itself is safe.

He did say, though, there will be major construction coming soon that will essentially rebuild the whole interchange.

"We're even doing a bypass around Baldwin. That will also take care of a lot of the area congestion and building up a larger logistics opportunity to boot, when it comes to moving people through these areas," Tittle said.

In April, Rep. Corrine Brown called on the Congressional Transportation Committee to increase funding for roads and infrastructure saying they're not making it a priority.

If drivers do see an issue on the road or a repair that needs to be made they can dial *FHP to report any issues.

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