5 keys to workplace happiness


Boring. Exhausting. Frustrating. Are these words you use to describe your job? Here are some easy ways to make your job feel more fulfilling.

One, focus on one task at a time. Studies show that multitasking can increase stress and decrease productivity.

Two, have a hobby outside of work. Having a good balance between your personal and work life will make your job less stressful.

Three, work harder, not longer. Competing to be the last one out of the office will have you feeling worn out. Instead, focus on the quality of your work, instead of the quantity of hours you spend.

Finally, pretend it's your first day. The beginning of a job is exciting, you tend to dress up and be more enthusiastic.

If those tips still have you down about your job, another tip from experts is to learn to say no. Saying yes to everything can make your job seem overwhelming. Instead, only say yes to things you know you can get done, but remember once you say no to your boss, you may not be asked again.