D'Angelo Stallworth's Family and Friends Want Answers

Justice Rally for Stallworth


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Friends and family of D'Angelo Stallworth gathered at the Landing to march to the Sheriff's Office. Their message, they want answers. They want JSO to give them more information about what happened on the night Stallworth was shot and killed by police. 

Chanting and walking, hoping that the large turnout would send a message to investigators, friends say that they want JSO to know that they are still waiting for the results of the JSO investigation to be released, wanting to know what the results of the autopsy show.

We commissioned an independent autopsy, out of town with a doctor we don't know. We've got those results, why haven't we been able to get the results of the Duval County official autopsy," said Stallworth's family attorney, Rick Block.

"If they are completely innocent, why hold the autopsy results? We just want to try to get answers,"  said a friend of D'Angelo Stallworth, Bryan Evans.

According to JSO, officers were helping with an eviction when they had a confrontation with Stallworth. Investigators say that Stallworth put a gun to the chest of one of the officers and a struggle ensued. JSO says that Stallworth was able to run away, but had turned around towards the officers before being shot. The attorney for Stallworth's family wants more proof of that.

"There is just so much about this story that doesn't make sense. I wasn't there, I can't tell you what happened. What I can tell you is that as an attorney, we deal with facts. And there are some supposed facts about this case that don't make sense," said Block.

At the rally today, organizers made a point to tell everyone involved that this was for justice and for answers, not for anything else. They urged everyone to follow all of the laws with crossing streets and not do anything that could be considered offensive. They also wanted the Sheriff's Office to know the same thing.

"This is a completely non violent rally, so it's no stress to them. But we want them to know that we want answers and that is what we are here for," said Evans.

Bryan Evans, one of the rally's organizers says that it was great to see so many people show up this morning, but also says he is hopeful that as they do more of these, more people continue to show up.

"We are going to continue to cyber rally. We are going to continue to go forth with the events to do whatever we have to do to get answers," said Evans.

JSO has said that their investigation into the shooting is still ongoing. 

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