7 things to stop paying for right now

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Why spend money when you don't have to? Stop paying for cable and if you can't live without certain shows, pay less with sites like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu.

Stop paying for a credit report. Go to annualcreditreport.com which allows you one free report each year.

Don't always pay for shipping. Go to freeshipping.com or retailmenot.com to find promo codes for discounts as well as for free shipping.

Stop paying for texting. Instead download apps like What's App where you can text for free. Also think about how much you need your phone's insurance plan, most often they don't include accidental or water damage anyway.

Computer software can be expensive, try cheaper options such as Open Office or Google Docs which can easily replace Microsoft Word.

Also stop paying to exercise. Be active outside for free or workout in your own home and download free apps like Argus, Johnson and Johnson Official Seven Minute Workout and Fit-Star.