Search suspended for missing swimmer


FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – The Coast Guard and the Nassau County Sheriff's Office have called off a search for a man who went into the water Saturday to help two friends who began to struggle while swimming.

Crews looked for the for a 32-year-old man from Georgia for several hours Saturday. Several agencies including the Sheriff's office, Fernandina Beach police, and the Coast Guard were called to the area at Main Beach on Saturday afternoon.

Police say a family was visiting from Georgia for the day. They say the man went into the water after noticing relatives struggling in the water.

Those two were rescued by lifeguards, but the man did not make it back.  Red flags now mark the spot where the swimmer was last seen.

Several people were at the beach when ot happened called 911.

"It looked like the one closest was trying to float. The other two were together, so they were both trying to keep each other up. You could tell, they weren't flailing their arms or anything like that. They were just struggling to keep their heads above water," Larry Stubbs said.

Police say the two who were rescued were taken to the hospital to be checked out.