Uber drivers unhappy with lack of legislation


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Three dozen Uber drivers who live and work in the state Capital got together for a pep talk. They discussed the lack of legislative progress in settling ground rules for ride-sharing services.

Lawmakers have not agreed to take up the ride-sharing legislation in their special session. Uber spokesman Cesar Fernandez said the lack of action is jeopardizing jobs.

"Right now there are 20,000 small businesses throughout the entire state of Florida that rely on this income for hard working families," Fernandez said. "nd that makes it an issue worthy of consideration, and we're going to continue working with our leadership in both the House and Senate to try and get it introduced."

Lawmakers were close to a deal on how much insurance a driver must carry and background check requirements when the House abruptly adjourned three days before the end of the regular Legislative session in April.