Franklin Graham urges followers to boycott gay-friendly businesses

Franklin Graham pulls bank accounts from Wells Fargo over LGBT ad campaign

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Wells Fargo TV commercial featuring a lesbian couple prompted Franklin Graham to pull the accounts of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association out of the bank, then he went of Facebook to urge his followers to stop doing business with companies who support the gay community.

The commercial features a two women learning sign language before meeting a hearing-impaired girl they were to adopt.

Graham is the son of the Rev. Billy Graham and serves as president of the association.

"This is one way we as Christians can speak out -- we have the power of choice," Graham wrote on his Facebook page.


"Let's just stop doing business with those who promote sin and stand against Almighty God's laws and His standards. Maybe if enough of us do this, it will get their attention. Share this if you agree," Graham wrote.

As of Monday afternoon, the Facebook post had over 95,000 likes and was shared more than 43,000 times. However, many of the thousands of comments on the post express frustration with Graham's words.

"I can't express how disappointed I am in Franklin Graham's anti-gay stance," one Facebook user wrote.

Gay-friendly businesses in Jacksonville are also upset by Graham's campaign.

"Your views and opinions should never effect someone's hard work and business, and actually people's lives," said Gary Motes, who owns Hamburger Mary's, a restaurant in St. Nicholas that often features drag shows. "We employee like 50 people here that doesn't really have a stand on gay or straight; they're just employees here. Hamburger Mary's in the past three years also generated and donated almost $300,000 to local charities."


But others in Jacksonville strongly support Graham using the organization's funds to support businesses that share his values.

"He's simply, really just applying a biblical principle, and that biblical principle is Proverbs 16:8, which says, 'Better is little with righteousness than great revenues without right.'" said Dr. Raymond Johnson, of Biblical Concepts Ministries. "If a business is operating without biblical principle, you're basically putting riches into pockets that have holes in them."

Motes, who said he grew up in church, said he believes there is only one who should judge.

"Everybody sins," Motes said. "If being gay is wrong, God doesn't judge gay more than killing or lying or stealing or the other commandments we break every day."