Sudden storms bring lightning, fire


DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. – After sudden storms popped up across Duval County, the hope of rain after a hot, dry week turned to fears of fire as lightning sparked small blazes across the county.

Forestry crews responded to several lightning-caused wildfires around the Jacksonville area Thursday, including two new fires at NAS Jax.

One fire that sprung up on the south perimeter grew to around 3-4 acres, and one fire ignited on the north side of the base near Timucuan Country Club, which crews quickly contained.

In Nassau County, lightning sparked a blaze near Plummer Street and Acree Road in the Cary State Forest that consumed over 19-acres before being contained.

Clay County also had its share of fires, including a small wildfire near Shedd Road that was quickly contained and two near Eaton Road off of Spring Bank that were also quickly brought under control.

Crews also contained a small 1-acreacre fire off of Batton Bay and Sharon Road, but are continuing to battle a 3.5-acre fire near Sungarden Road and Gardner Road.