Damage left after evening of storms

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Damage was left behind in Jacksonville and surrounding areas after an evening full of severe weather on Monday.

More than 11,000 JEA customers were without electricity during the thunderstorm.

JEA spokesperson Gerri Boyce said crews would be working through the night to restore power.  The outages were concentrated on the Westside and Northwest Jacksonville. As of Tuesday morning, more than 4,000 people were still without power.

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Jacksonville Fire Rescue was also responding to Northwest Jacksonville where a tree fell on a car. It happened on 3rd Avenue and Belvedere Street.

A woman got into her car to get something out when it happened.  She escaped with bruises.

"She was saying she heard a boom and the tree fell and she was trapped she just hollered," said Timothy Woodson, the woman's landlord.


A tree fell on another house on 10th Avenue in Northwest Jacksonville. Tracey Lucas, the homeowner, lives there with her three children and her blind father. They just moved in a month ago.

"The storm was going on and you know all the crackling and popping and all of the sudden, boom," said Lucas. "The lights went out, and when the lights came back on I walked outside, and - total destruction. My new home, and my truck."

The truck was the only source of transportation for her children to get back and forth to school, and to get her father to his doctor's appointments.

Lucas said the landlord will come Tuesday to remove it. She has power but is unsure of damage to the home.