Mayor Lenny Curry holds open house after inauguration

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Mayor Lenny Curry opened the doors to City Hall for an open house and the sheriff joined him in welcoming the public Wednesday evening.

With the music of Art Walk playing just steps outside City Hall, supporters of change in leadership at the top in Jacksonville got a chance to meet the new sheriff and mayor.

"This is a very exciting day 'cause of the new mayor, and my daughter really wanted to meet him and I really wanted to meet him, too," said Yibo Huang.

The mayor's office opened up to the public and the new mayor welcomed everyone who wanted to come in.  Curry took time just hours after being sworn in to pose for pictures.

"It's a tough office to fill and a lot of stress and hopefully with his vision we can lead Jacksonville to a new era and advance us as a city as well as a community," Leah Carr said.

Supporters were able to tour the new office that Curry declares is not just his.

"I want people to know (that) this is their place. This belongs to the people. I'm here to serve the people of Jacksonville and I'm out to try to serve the city," Curry said.


Curry said the open house was a chance to further the inaugural theme of unity, and Sheriff Mike Williams agreed that events like this will help build trust between his agency, the city and the community.

"This is a dialogue. This is a two-way conversation and I think moving forward we can do a little more listening and a lot less talking and hear what people have to say and take some action on that," said Williams. "I think it's huge. I think it's great for the city and I think it's great for us to work together. It's going to benefit everyone in the long run to have us working together."

And as the work begins, Curry said the building of strong bonds starts Thursday.

"It's really difficult to ask people to make difficult decisions and work with you if you don't have trust, and trust takes time in relationship building, and that's what that will be about tomorrow," he said.

Thursday, the agenda at the mayor's office includes meetings for planning and lunch with City Council. That is a meeting Curry said is key to building unity in the city.

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