2 kids hit by cars, fighting for their lives

Accidents raise summer safety concerns with kids out of school

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two children are fighting for their lives Thursday night after they were both hit by cars in separate parts of Jacksonville.

Both cases appear to involve children walking into busy streets and drivers being unable to avoid them.

The first accident happened when a 7-year-old boy was hit as he was running across Wilson Boulevard. Police said the boy is expected to survive and is in serious condition at the hospital.

Faye Glover works along the busy section of Wilson Boulevard and isn't surprised this would happen. 


"It's a horrible road, this intersection is. There's accidents here all the time because people don't pay attention," Glover said.

While Glover said the road is too busy and uncontrolled, in the Wilson Boulevard case investigators said there was no way for the driver to stop in time and isn't at fault.

The other case happened in downtown Jacksonville on Main Street where investigators said a 12-year-old girl ran out into traffic and was hit by a car. She's in critical condition.

These accidents have brought up the issue of safety and the need for caution as kids are spending a lot more time out and about with summer break in full swing.

News4Jax crime and safety analyst Gil Smith said drivers also need to remain cautious knowing that kids may not always obey the rules of the road, particularly when they are out celebrating the Fourth of July weekend.

"Just watch them, because they could dart out instantly. Especially if they're playing with a ball and it goes out in the street. If they're playing with a ball, you want to slow down even more because it can go in the road, and sometimes kids will run out without even looking after it," Smith said.

As far as the Wilson incident on the Westside, it doesn't look like the driver will be cited. The driver in the downtown accident is still being investigated, but there has been no word on if that driver will be cited.

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