Tree falls on Arlington home


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Sunday afternoon storms knocked down a large tree onto a woman's home in Arlington. 

Homeowner, Peggy Lyons, lives next to a church on Heming Road with several large oak trees. One of the oak trees snapped and fell in her backyard. 

However, it was not the first tree from the church property to fall on her home. Despite the destruction, Lyons does not blame the church.

"The wind was just phenomenal, it was just awful. And then I had to, after I had surveyed the damage I had to go out for a little bit and I saw a strike of lighting and it just about blinded my retinas. It was that big. But it was the wind that did this, I'm positive. It was the wind," said Lyons. 

The previous time a tree fell in her yard, it destroyed her fence, but the church helped her rebuild it. 

Lyons is unsure if the church will help her this time around.