Airline tells teen she's too pale to fly

Girl had to track down doctor's note


Worst. Vacation. Ever.

It's what one family might have been saying after its teen daughter was told she couldn't get on a flight to the Maldives because of her pale complexion.

Grace Wain, a 14-year-old from Scotland, was told by an Etihad Airways employee that she was too pale to board her flight, according to a post by USA Today Road Warrior Voices.

Because the airline claimed the girl appeared too sick to board, the family had to first track down a paramedic, and then get a note from the family's doctor before Grace was finally allowed on the plane.

To top off the trip, Etihad lost two of the family's suitcases, making the family sweat out tropical weather in clothes more suited for Scotland, the USA Today post reported.