Police repeatedly visit home over dog complaints

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PALATKA, Fla. – Palatka police have visited a home on Nellie Street numerous times this weekend over a complaint that a dog is being kept in a backyard in a box.

Police received calls about a dog being kept in a box and another dog tied to a tree with no food or water. The complaints also said there was a strong odor.

Police say they visited the home numerous times Saturday during the day and night. Due to the fact no one was home, officers were not able to make contact with the dogs' owner. Police say they noted the dogs did not appear to be in distress and couldn't smell any foul odors.

Sunday officers returned to the home and were able to speak with the resident. Police say the tenant showed officers the wooden kennel and dog house. Police say the dogs did not appear in distress, looked well fed and had their own 5-gallon bucket full of water.

Police say based on the findings there was no lawful reason to seize the animals. However, information from the police report was forwarded to Palatka Animal Control and Code Enforcement to ensure all code rules are being adhered to.

Police also forwarded a report to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals since neighbors also filed a complaint with that organization.