Mismanaged money shows up in city audit

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Lenny Curry promised on the campaign trail that if he became mayor, he would order audits and find any mismanaged money at city hall.

He's only been in office for two weeks, and there's already some evidence to back up his accusations of financial mismanagement by the Brown administration.

A report by the Inspector General found a program designed to support small businesses doing work for city agencies decided to take the past three years off.

There's not a clear line from the new mayor to the office of the Inspector General, or the report. The Inspector General's is an independent office from the mayor's, but the timing seems like it's fulfilling that campaign promise made by Curry.

The tax dollars at issue in the inspector's report were loan amounts for small emerging business vendors so they could perform jobs for the city or an independent agency.

Those agencies include JAXPORT, JTA, JEA and others.

The IG determined that small businesses haven't received the benefits they were supposed to, although the program was supposed to be active and was supposed to be making a difference.

News4jax spoke briefly with Ronnie Belton, the chief financial officer for Mayor Alvin Brown, over the last four years, who said he hasn't seen the report yet, so he did not want to comment.

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