Two men brawl in Baldwin Park Publix deli aisle


ORLANDO, Fla. – It's the brawl in the Publix deli aisle that's dropping jaws.

A video posted on YouTube shows two grown men in a knock-down, drag-out fight. It starts as the fight is already underway right in front of the deli counter. First there's a body slam, then an assault of punches.

[WARNING, content may be graphic: Scroll below for video]

The person who uploaded the video said it happened just after 5:30 Monday night at the Publix grocery store on Meeting Place in the upscale Baldwin Park neighborhood of Orlando.

In the background, you can hear a crying child.

Then a worker is heard saying, "Guys, come on."

A woman shouts, "I'm calling the police!"

And then one of the men in the fight screams, "Are you out of your mind? That's my pregnant wife, bro!"

Shoppers watching the video called it "uncomfortable" and said "It definitely spoils the shopping experience."

"I think it's horrible. I'd never expect it. Definitely with this type of neighborhood and being Publix," said another shopper.

The men went at it despite shoppers around them including a woman with a cane and a mother and baby until Publix workers got in the middle.

"You're out of your mind," screams one of the men in the fight. "I've got a nine and a half month pregnant wife!"

Publix spokesman Brian West told Local 6 in a statement, "We do not know the details that lead up to the incident, but we're thankful that neither the customers near the incident or our associates were injured."

Orlando police spokesperson Sgt. Wanda Ford was unable to provide any details -- including whether the men in the fight were arrested.