Local consignment store still riding strong


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Debbie Burgess left her corporate job in 2009 and opened up a specialty consignment store, just for bikers. In fact, we even did a story when she first opened. Today, bikers from all over the country now know about this store on Old St Augustine Rd. It's become a destination.

While that alone is impressive, when you hear what the owner didn't do to help grow the business, you'll likely be surprised.

Burgess made the leap and opened '2nd Ride Around,' after taking her idea to one of the top consignment store owners in the country.

Burgess aaid, "She said honey, you've got a great idea. She said I should go for it."

And she's glad she did. Six years later, 2nd Ride Around is packed with anything and everything a motorcycle enthusiast could want. But for a lot less.

Greg and Diane Wolfe are among the regular customers. They are here about once a month

"Same pair of boots I'm looking at here for 75 bucks are probably 200 and something at the Harley store. Same boot," Greg Wolfe told us.

His wife, Diane, added, "I look at a lot of the Harley shops in our travels, but we always want to come back here and see what she's got."

Burgess has leather jackets, jewelry, furniture and collectibles. The same stuff she had when they opened, but now just a lot more of it. That's because word of what she is doing has spread like crazy. And here's why that's impressive.

"I've grown the business exclusively through word of mouth. I've never done any advertising, ever. I think that says a lot about the business," Burgess said.

And she refuses to sell online. Still, the merchandise she has comes from consigners in 23 different states. But it's the customers that Burgess says who really deserve the credit.

"Not only do I have customers, but I have friends. I came up with a concept but without you, the customer, I wouldn't be here today. I owe my success to my customers."

To check out the facebook page for 2nd Ride Around, click here. You can also find out more about the location, store hours and monthly newsletter by logging on the the website.