'Mom and Me' Football camp for safety

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With the recent news about football-related injuries and athletes a lot of moms may be concerned about their children playing football.
That's why the Jaguars hosted their "Mom and Me" camp at EverBank Field on Saturday.
Moms got to learn about everything from heat-related injuries and ways to make sure their children stay hydrated.
They also learned about the dangers of concussions and performance-enhancing drugs.

"To be able to bond with their children. When you're talking about sports, a lot of parents, but mothers especially that go to games but they don't know the ins and outs of football. I think this is a great experience for mothers and also their sons to bond," Alycia Williams said.

The moms learned all about football equipment.
They learned about how to fit helmets the right way to prevent concussions.
They also learned about heat illness and making sure their children stay hydrated.
Moms also learned about the dangers of performance enhancing drugs.

"I think it's just like everything with parenting. It's just being involved as possible. Trying to educate them. Explain the reasons for people doing things the right way. Showing them examples of people doing things the right way and that they're a success," Darrell Sutherland, a trainer, with USA Football said.

"I can actually understand some of the drills and practice with him," Lois Merrick said.

A lot of the moms who attended the camp say they're looking forward to the start of their child's football season.