2 men arrested after auto thefts in East Arlington

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The owner of a car stolen just a few days ago is pleased to have his vehicle back, but the story behind how he got it back is somewhat dramatic.

According to police, officers spotted the stolen car around 5:30 p.m. Sunday near Ashley Melisse and Kernan Boulevard. They tried to pull the car over, but the suspects tried to get away.

Both suspects are now in police custody, but it turns out that car was one of two cars stolen from a home. News4Jax spoke to the man who owned both cars. He said he and his family went to New York. When they returned this week, they found their home had been

broken into and both of their cars were gone.

"They took the jewelry off my wife, my one gun, they took my shoes," Rolando DeLeon said.

DeLeon said he will never forget the feeling of helplessness.

Police said Sunday evening officers spotted the DeLeon's Toyota Camry on Kenrnan Boulevard. They tried to pull it over, but the two men inside tried to take off running.

One was taken into custody immediately. The other was found behind a home several blocks away. As the officers searched, they said several people in the area had understandably been worried.

"We had approximately 10-12 officers surrounding about a six-block radius, because we had several locations that we did see the

suspect come in and out of the woods and in and out of houses," Sgt. Monts said.

DeLeon said he's thankful to have answers in his case. However, he told News4Jax that his other car, a Honda Civic, was found abandoned and burned.

He said he now has hope for his other missing items.

"I hope so. Especially the jewelry," DeLeon said.

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