Sharks spotted 100 yards off shore in Jax Beach

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Swim at your own risk. It was a warning to beachgoers Sunday in Jax beach after the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office air unit alerted lifeguard about two sharks spotted about 100 yards from shore.

Thousands of people visited Jax Beach Sunday. Lifeguards said they didn't have a lot of calls and the waves were at moderate risk which mean the water isn't too rough.

Lifeguards spoke with the air unit. The sharks weren't deemed a huge threat, so they didn't evacuate the beach. But they did warn people about the danger and many people got out on their own. They say this is a good reminder for people to use caution.

"Anytime you're ever in the water in front of a lifeguard or not you're swimming at your own risk. We have to remind people that sharks live in the ocean, and we are visiting the sharks home when we go in the ocean. It's very normal to have sharks in the ocean," Max Ervanian, Jax Beach Ocean rescue said.

"I don't want them to be too far out, because of tides and waves and def. We've had so many shark sightings on the news that was my major concern coming. Like stay closest to the edge, stay closest to the front, I didn't want them out too far," Tashawne Cathey, visitor said.

Lifeguards say if you see something dangerous in the water, you should get out right away and alert a lifeguard. If there aren't any lifeguards on duty, they say you should call 911 and alert the people around you.