USS New York returns


MAYPORT, Fla. – More than 360 sailors are back at home with their families at Mayport as the USS New York returned Sunday from an eight-month deployment.

The sailors strengthened ties between the United States and other host nations, including Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain and France.

Family and friends eagerly waited for their loved ones to return from overseas.

Kristina Cassavant and her 4-year-old son, Christopher, hadn't seen Seth Cassavant since before Christmas. The sailor also got to see his 2-month-old daughter, Lillian, for the first time.

"I'm really overwhelmed. I'm excited. I'm really nervous about the transition back into being home. He's been without two kids for eight months and no wife. He's had no rules," Kristina Casavant said.

Victoria Gomez's husband wasn't able to see the birth of his daughter Paisley in person.

"He was able to get online. We were able to talk on Facebook through the whole thing, so it was like he was there. We sent him pictures as soon as he was born," Gomez said.

So many of the families say they feel complete after the sailors came home.
Meanwhile, Seth Cassavant has some work to do now that he's home. But he'll get to spend lots of time with his daughter.

"I don't have to change diapers. He can play video games with the 4-year-old and I can relax. I told him that for every month he was gone I get one nap. So he gets the kids for four hours while I get one nap," said Kristina Cassavant.

"That was the greatest feeling I've ever had in my life and I will never forget it," Seth Cassavant said.

The sailors worked on maritime security operations overseas. For some of the sailors, it was their first deployment.?