Police: Man tells residents they're being evicted, shoots 1

Witness: Gunman had 'right' to remove items, shoots victim in leg


MIAMI – A man who told two apartment residents that they were being evicted has been taken into custody after shooting one of them, police said.

It happened about 12:10 p.m. Tuesday in the 7800 block of Northwest Fifth Court in Miami.

A witness of the shooting told police she got back to her apartment and saw all of her and the victim's belongings outside of the apartment along the sidewalk.

She said that the victim asked why their belongings were removed from the apartment. She told police that the shooter said they were evicted and had the right to remove the items.

The witness said the shooter came downstairs and confronted the victim in the parking lot of the apartment building. She said the victim was not arguing or yelling at the gunman, and that the gunman shot him in the leg for no reason, according to Miami police.

The witness told police the shooter then walked towards the back of the building to possibly hide the weapon.

The victim said he saw the shooter walking towards the street from the back of the building.

Police said the victim pointed towards the shooter and said, "He is the guy that shot me." The witness also identified the person as the shooter.

The shooter, identified as Gerard Rivera-Domenech, told police, "I shot the guy and I don't have the gun anymore." Police said he was placed into custody at 12:11 p.m.

The victim was taken to North Shore Hospital in an unknown condition.

Police said the weapon was not found at the scene.