WJXT remains on Dish TV; negotiations continue


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Late Wednesday afternoon, Channel 4 and Dish TV agreed to keep Channel 4's broadcasts on the satellite service because there has been "substantial progress in our negotiations."

"We are very pleased to announce that today we have made substantial progress in our negotiations with DISH, and because of that, we will continue to work diligently toward a final agreement," said Bob Ellis, vice president and general manager of WJXT. "In the meantime, if you are a current Dish subscriber, you will continue to see WJXT Channel 4, The Local Station, and all of your favorite news and entertainment shows airing on Channel 4."

WJXT's parent company, Graham Media Group continues to negotiation with DISH. They had faced a 7 p.m. Wednesday deadline, when the signal would have gone dark.

While there no longer is a deadline, DISH customers would have options if WJXT's signal were ever to be pulled from the satellite.

Option one: Switch providers. Channel 4 will still be broadcast and available over the air, Direct TV, Comcast Xfinity, U-verse and other TV service providers.

Option two: Watch live on your computer or smartphone. All our newscasts from 4:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. are streamed live on News4Jax.com and on our News4JAX app, which you can get for free on your phone or tablet.

Option three: Head to a store like Walmart, Target or Best Buy and pick up an inexpensive antenna. We found some antennas for under $10.  A one-time fee, then you can watch us and all your favorite shows on The Local Station at no cost. You just have to plug the antenna into the back of your television then rescan to find local channels.

You can also contact DISH to tell them you want to keep watching WJXT, The Local Station.

To find all the ways you can reach DISH-TV and get links to other providers that will continue to carry WJXT, just visit savemychannel.com.