Man convicted of committing bank robberies

Kenneth Ellington faces 20 years in federal prison


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Quincy man faces time in federal prison after a federal jury found him guilty of two counts of bank robbery, U.S. attorneys said.

Kenneth Ellington, 46, faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison for each count.

On the morning of April 9, 2014, Ellington robbed a branch of TD Bank in Live Oak, according to evidence presented at the trial.

Disguised with a fake beard and cap, Ellington presented a teller with a note demanding money. When the teller failed to act fast enough, Ellington instructed her to hurry and gestured toward his waistband as if he were reaching for a firearm, U.S. attorneys said.

The teller gave Ellington $935, which included a dye pack. U.S. attorneys said Ellington left the bank with the cash and dye pack grasped in a softcover book.

Several bank employees witnessed the robbery, including one who identified Ellington at trial. As Ellington walked away from the TD Bank branch, the dye pack ignited, causing him to drop the money, demand note and book, according to U.S. attorneys.

A fingerprint analyst with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement later found Ellington's fingerprints on the recovered items.

Three hours after the first robbery, Ellington entered the First Federal Bank of Florida in Live Oak, wearing the same disguise. U.S. attorneys said he presented a demand note to a teller and said, "Hurry up and no one will get hurt."

Ellington got away from the second bank with $4,105, U.S. attorneys said.

Security camera footage at the bank showed Ellington leaving the bank and walking toward a nearby business. Soon after, a witness in that business's parking lot found a garbage bag containing Ellington's disguise and the shirt that he had worn during both robberies, according to U.S. attorneys.

After the evidence was recovered, FDLE analysts found Ellington's fingerprints on the garbage bag and his DNA on the disguise and shirt. U.S. attorneys said a witness recalled seeing a black Dodge Charger parked at the location where the disguise for Ellington's second robbery was recovered.

When Ellington was arrested, he was driving a black Dodge Charger, U.S. attorneys said.

Ellington was charged by indictment Sept. 17.

U.S. attorneys said sentencing has been set for Oct. 19.