Riverside shooting raises safety concerns for local businesses

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – New concerns about security are being raised after a man was shot and killed while taking out the trash at his workplace in Riverside.

According to police 20-year-old Daniel Rowe was shot and killed outside The Blind Rabbit restaurant Wednesday night. Witnesses told police they saw two suspects running from the area, but police still have no suspects.

Rowe had two young children, with a third on the way, and he was engaged to be married.

Employees and owners of nearby businesses said Thursday that after the shooting, they are stepping up security measures.

The area surrounding the restaurant is very dim, and even though it's flooded with traffic, employees said more lights need to be installed.

"It's scary being so close. But the neighborhood, normally, there's a lot of traffic. Especially a lot of people walking down the street. I'm surprised something like that happen," Frank Millwater, owner of Razor's Edge barber shop, said.

Just hours after Rowe was shot in the head and killed, detectives were seen knocking on doors and speaking to neighbors, to see if anyone could tell them about his death.

People who work on the busy strip of stores and restaurants are also looking at the factors they said could have prevented the violent crime from happening.

"Certain areas over here, it's dark. It's historic so they haven't gotten the lighting up how it should be so a lot of places are dim," Dejuan Akins, an employee from Razors Edge, said.

Akins and David Richardson work as barbers at Razor's Edge, and they said Rowe frequented the shop to get his hair cut by the owner. Because of Wednesday night's tragedy, Millwater held a mandatory meeting to discuss new safety protocols for his employees.

"We talked about it this morning. We all tried to leave together. We have vehicles, and we park them in the front somewhere or in the street. We don't have access to the back so we don't go back there," Millwater said.

Unlike The Blind Rabbit, Millwater's employees can only enter and exit through the front doors, and even though workers keep an eye on each other as they come and go, the area still lacks one thing.

"I would love to see more lighting out here. Especially here in the middle, it would be perfect. Because a lot of people walk from place to place, and sometimes at night, it's kind of hard to see," Millwater said.

All the businesses in the area are working together to try and help police, and in a couple of days, Millwater said those business owners planned to meet to discuss what happened and what they can offer in terms of help.