Neighbors speak out as search for child continues

Crews continue exhaustive search for 21-month-old


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As the search continues for 21-month-old Lonzie Barton, many living in the Brierwood neighborhood where he was last seen are asking why they didn't see as many police out searching Saturday.

News4Jax crews drove around several blocks in the neighborhood and did not see much police activity in the area.

On Friday, police used bloodhounds, K-9s and searched by air. They also searched near brush, trash cans and near a retention pond. 

"I saw probably 50 to 60 cops walking with dogs, hundreds of cars coming by," said Andrew Courson, who lives in the area. "It was like nothing I ever saw in my life."

Area residents expressed their anguish over the lack of leads in Lonzie's disappearance, adding that they are surprised that there weren't as many police searching in the area Saturday.

 "I haven't seen any police presence here today," said Chris Ballis. Courson told News4Jax. "I went by Ravenwood this morning to get a drink; there was no cops there in front like there was yesterday. There was one parked in the back."

Residents of the Brierwood area have been coming together and wishing for the best outcome, as the search continues.

"My wife and I have been praying for the child to be found safe. I would think everybody here is praying. I've seen people handing out fliers and neighbors looking," said Ballis.

Investigators say, they are going to continue searching until Lonzie is found.

Details have not been released about where authorities will be focusing their search, moving forward.