Jax vs. San Francisco: Same Size, Polar Opposites


Where Jacksonville and San Francisco are polar opposites is density. San Francisco packs 852,469 residents into 47 square miles. Jacksonville spreads 853,382 residents across 758 square miles. This article isn't about doing more with less or a debate about density verses sprawl. The purpose of this article is to show Jaxsons what a city with our exact population looks like when it's truly compact, walkable and vibrant.

Tale of the Tape
To help Jaxsons gain a better understanding of the scale of San Francisco, here are a few statistics of the city in relation to Jacksonville:


San Francisco is highlighted in red

San Francisco City Population 2014: 852,469 (City); 4,594,060 (Metro 2014) - (incorporated in 1850)
Jacksonville City Population 2014: 853,382 (City); 1,419,127 (Metro 2014) - (incorporated in 1832)
City population 1950: Jacksonville (204,517); San Francisco (775,357)

City Land Area
San Francisco: 46.87 square miles
Jacksonville: 757.7 square miles


Duval County is highlighted in red

Metropolitan Area Growth rate (2010-2014)
San Francisco: +5.97%
Jacksonville: +5.46%

Urban Area Population (2010 census)
San Francisco: 3,281,212 (ranked 13 nationwide)
Jacksonville: 1,065,219 (ranked 40 nationwide)

Urban Area Population Density (2010 census)
San Francisco: 6,226.4 people per square mile
Jacksonville: 2,008.5 people per square mile

City Population Growth from 2010 to 2014
San Francisco: +47,234
Jacksonville: +31,598

Convention Center Exhibition Space:
San Francisco: Moscone Center (1981) - 700,000 square feet
Jacksonville: Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center (1985) - 78,500 square feet

Tallest Building:
San Francisco: Transamerica Pyramid - 853 feet
Jacksonville: Bank of America Tower - 617 feet

Who's Downtown Is More Walkable?
San Francisco: 99 out of 100, according to 2015 walkscore.com
Jacksonville: 72 out of 100, according to 2015 walkscore.com


The pre-consolidated city limits of Jacksonville (green) and San Francisco's boundaries (red) situated inside Duval County's borders.

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San Francisco neighborhood map courtesy of http://my.paragon-re.com/Docs/General/SixtyFortyImages/San_Francisco_Neighborhood_Map.jpg

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