Nonprofit organization saves pregnant dog's life


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local woman is thanking First Coast No More Homeless Pets for saving her pregnant dog's life after it gave birth Thursday.

Rachael Wingard said she had called around to dozens of veterinary clinics to get help and was turned away -- until she got a call back from the nonprofit organization.

Wingard said her Chihuahua, named Jojo is doing much better than she was on Wednesday.

The expectant mother went into labor and her owner said it appeared something was wrong. It turns out Jojo couldn't deliver her puppy because he was too big, after she'd mated with a pit bull.

"She was whining and crying, and I called and I knew something was wrong," said Wingard.

Wingard said she called dozens of local veterinary clinics, trying to get help and but because she didn't have enough money, she was turned away.

"I went into the bathroom, was crying, gave up hope, asked God why did he hate me? And then the phone rung, and it was them. They called and said get her here," said Wingard. "I called like 178 people trying to get help, because I didn't have any money at the time. So I told them I can pay you, as soon as I get paid. I have a job, I just don't have enough money."

Dr. Ravi Putluru from First Coast No More Homeless Pets was about to leave for the night, but stuck around to check on Jojo.

An X-ray showed that he needed to perform an emergency cesarean section.


"I decided I wanted to save the puppy, otherwise the puppy would not have made it," Putluru said.

Ravi said he was concerned about Diablo making it through his first day of life, but said both the mom and puppy are expected to be just fine.

Wingard said the nonprofit organization has given her renewed hope.

"I've never known anyone to do anything like that for anywhere. I had no faith in people or anything, but this place restored that," she said.

Wingard said she hopes to place the cute little dog with a good family.

First Coast No More Homeless Pets relies heavily on donations, so if you would like to help the organization click here.

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