FSU student accused of murdering mother, stepfather

Nicole Nachtman, 21, denied bail Tuesday

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Nicole Nachtman, a 21-year-old Florida State Student accused of killing her mother and stepfather in Tampa, was denied bail Tuesday morning.

Nachtman reportedly told a woman at Florida State University to say that she was in her dorm room Thursday night if anyone asked.

Video shows the FSU student making her first appearance Saturday in a Tallahassee courtroom.

She's being held in Tampa now, but the aftermath of her alleged crime is still being felt on campus.

Nachtman drove to FSU on Friday after the alleged murders. She's been a student at the school since 2013.

Students said they were shocked to learn that she lived in their dorm.

Cam Bradley didn't know Nachtman, but said the arrest was an odd start to the school year.

"It was crazy," Bradley said. "I mean, it could have happened anywhere, but the odds of it happening in my dorm is a little weird."

Camilo Alvarez said his mother sent him a link to the story online and was shaken up.

"My mom sent me a link," Alvarez said. "She said, 'Oh, did you hear about this thing that happened?' I had no idea until she sent me the link."

The police report said Nachtman heard "screaming voices" in her head urging her to commit the killings.

"You're meeting a bunch of new people and you don't know where they came from, which is interesting on its own, but it's weird to think somebody our age has already been down that path," Katy Bloodwell said.

Nachtman reportedly confessed the crime to other people when she arrived on campus, authorities said.