Roaches, droppings, and egg sacs shut down two restaurants

Restaurant Report Card


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – In this week's Restaurant Report Card two closures with one thing in common: roaches.  It's been a buggy summer and inspectors are not letting any one slip the cracks.

The Dairy Queen on Main Street was shut down for the night because of roaches.  One of the two high priority violations was when the inspector nearly a dozen roaches in the kitchen.  The bugs were on the floor, one on a wall near where bread was stored, and a couple more under the cream machine where ice cream was spilled on the floor. The next day the inspector came back to check and opened the Dairy Queen back up with zero high priority violations.

Mizu Sushi and Grill on Old St Augustine Road was also cited with two high priority violations and both had to do with roaches.  The most were underneath the wok station on the drip tray.  There were also droppings nearby and opened egg sacs on the drip tray.  The inspector gave them some time to bring in an exterminator and came back the next day.  They did the work and this time the roaches were gone and all traces of bugs were cleaned up.

I talked with a co-owner of Mizu Sushi and he said that they've hired a second pest control company to battle the bugs.  He said they had been using a company and bringing them in at least once a month and he was disappointed with the closure.  He's testing out this second company to see if it does a better job exterminating.

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