Man accused of 9/11 bomb plot provoked disputes on site, blogger claims

Joshua Goldberg arrested Tuesday for allegedly planning bombing

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – As the 20-year-old arrested in connection with a terror case prepares to head to federal court Tuesday, questions still remain about the terror suspect's Internet search history.

The Daily Caller, a national website, claims to have found several possible examples of Joshua Goldberg commenting under different aliases.

A blogger?? for the website claims the 20-year-old would go onto different message boards, pretend to be different people with opposing viewpoints, post inflammatory comments, then watch as users took sides. The blogger also said Goldberg would pit Jews against Muslims, feminists against video gamers and Nazis against everyone.

News4Jax Crime and Safety Analyst Gil Smith said it's easy to trace because the user appears on many different sites.

"Some sites may not have noticed, but after a while, he goes onto so many sites (that) they can fall back and check the others," Smith said.

According to Smith, that type of Internet activity isn't hard to trace, especially when someone is being tracked by the FBI. He said trolling on the Internet can range from harmless to dangerous.

"Sometimes they're just stirring things up, they're not really going to do anything," Smith said. "But that is still dangerous and law enforcement is going to be contacting these people to see how involved they are."

Goldberg was arrested at his parents' home Thursday for allegedly planning a bombing. Investigators said he was planning to bomb a 9/11 memorial event in Kansas City.

Smith said if the posts were in fact made by Goldberg, it could have been an early sign that serious criminal activity was right around the corner.

The Daily Caller points out on its site no one is anonymous on the Internet as they think. It's something Smith said all potential criminals or terrorists should remember.