Tuesday, National Voter Registration Day, last day to register to vote


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Are you registered to vote? If not, Tuesday was the day to do it.

The secretary of state launched a voter education campaign to coincide with National Voter Registration Day: "Get Ready, Get Set, Vote!" launched online as a way to encourage people to register.

Dozens of students signed up to be newly registered voters or changed their address on Tallahassee Community College's campus Tuesday.

Similar events were held statewide and across the country to mark National Voter Registration day. Voter outreach assistant Susie Caplowe said it's important especially before a presidential election primary.

"There's a point when you get interested," Caplowe said. "For some people, the signs are going up in the yards and you're on the road and they say, 'Oh, there's an election happening?' It's just good to try and make sure that everyone who can, can vote, and has the opportunity to vote."

Cheyenne Hernandez, 19, registered and will be voting for the first time.

"I think it's important," she said. "I think if you have the opportunity to and you're old enough, then you should. The president, obviously, affects everybody."

TCC Civic Engagement Coordinator Ryan Rogers said societal melting pots like college campuses are always good opportunities to register people.

"It's the biggest thing we always try to advocate for students, whether it's SGA, it's just making sure students have a voice and they have a say so in what's going on around them," Rogers said.

Pen and paper registration could be a thing of the past as Florida moves to an online voter registration system in 2017.

The next statewide election is the presidential preference primary in March. The Republican Party of Florida is currently in the middle of creating a new rule that would require presidential candidates who want to be on that ballot to attend the party's Sunshine Summit. in November.